TCC Tyre Technology



All tyres are not created equal. You know a Mickey Thompson tyre has the latest innovations by looking at three things: the tread (depth and design), the carcass construction (the way the tyre is built) and its compound (the blend of materials used to build it) – T. C. C.


Mickey Thompson Tires continue to innovate their tread designs in the latest generation of 4x4 tyres, ensuring you get better performance, mileage, traction and wet grip when and where you need it.


Whether you muck about in mud, play rough on rocks or bash around the bush, Mickey Thompson Tires has a tread design for every application, including these latest features:


• SideBiters


• Flex Groove


• Stone Ejectors


• Mud Scoops 


• Tread Edge Chamfers


• Micro Gauge Sipes



From the deserts of Baja to the Australian Outback, it’s the tyres’ carcass that keeps it all together. It’s stuff you can’t see inside that delivers durability, traction and performance.


Mickey Thompson Tires are built with these carcass constructions for additional strength and performance off-road, reducing the chance of tyre damage:


• PowerPly Technology


• Light Truck construction – featuring Super Tensile Steel Belts (15% stronger than ‘high tensile’) and High Tensile Cords (33% stronger than ‘standard tensile’).


Many other tyre brands, including major brands, use only a ‘standard’ tensile strength.



An ideal tyre will conform to uneven road surfaces, rather than ‘bouncing off’. Where the tyre conforms to the road it delivers better grip and causes less cutting and chipping.


The right compound makes all the difference It’s Mickey Thompson Tires’ unique blending of rubber and silica that reduces resistance. It gives you better fuel consumption, enhanced grip and improved cut and chip resistance, while offering higher mileage.


• Chemically-Coupled Silica


Many other tyre brands, including major brands, do not use Silica.