TCC Tyre Technology



All tyres are not created equal. You know a Mickey Thompson tyre has the latest innovations by looking at three things: the tread (depth and design), the carcass construction (the way the tyre is built) and its compound (the blend of materials used to build it) – T. C. C.


Mickey Thompson’s desert racing experience has always been the driving force behind his innovative tread designs, continually to this day.


With features like SideBiters, Mud Scoops and Mud Pockets, Flex Grooves,Tread
Edge Chamfers, Micro Gauge Sipes, Mickey Thompson remains generations ahead of the competition.



It’s the tyre’s carcass that keeps it all together, the stuff you can’t see inside.


While others use a standard tensile, Mickey’s Light Truck Carcass Construction uses only Super tensile steel belts and High tensile cords, to deliver
durability, traction and performance.


For the more rebellious who like to play hard, PowerPly adds a third angled layer of cord to minimise twist and flex under acceleration, increasing strength to the sidewall.



Innovations in compound technology goes way
beyond grip. Modern compounds adapt to
conditions and, together with the carcass, conform to the driving surface and limit rebound.


Mickey’s silica compound, which is chemically bonded to the rubber, results in a highly malleable, flexible tyre with immense cut and chip resistance and good mileage.



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