Off Road Racing and Mickey Thompson Tyres

Off Road Racing is Back!

After a false start to 2020 racing, some mates of Mickey were eager to hit the dirt! Round 2 of the Mickey Thompson Tires AORRA Qld Off-Road Racing Championship were held, June 20-21 in Dalby for Pat’s Diesel 100.


With a bigger than usual turn-out it was easy to see everyone was excited to get dirty with 65 teams lining up to play. Two tracks were set out, 6km and 15km, with the first session setting the start order for the day. 


Clayton Chapman set the fastest time running the Micky Thompson Baja Boss Ultimate Mud-Terrain tyres, and led the field for the afternoon’s 2 heats.


The tighter track with loads of trees added more fun for the smaller more agile SxSs and made the competition tight between the SxSs and the big boy trucks.


Chris Western debuted the new Mickey Thompson Rush Truck and led Class 4 out.


The fun continued in the dirt for most, but Team Mickey’s Damien Saunders had an issue, zigging when he should have zagged and turned the big truck upside down. Back at the pits he got it going again for the night section as most of the damage was just body work…. crazy enough the Mickey’s held up perfectly in the roll over.


After toughing out the dust and dodging trees Clayton Chapman took home the trophy.



Class Results for Team Mickey

Pro Buggy – Clayton Chapman 1st, Jae Collins 3rd, Kevy Nott 6th, and Cooper Western 10th

Pro Light – Andrew Murphy 1st, Troy Duff 2nd 

Class 3 – Aaron Nicol 1st, Taylor Teichmann 2nd, Steven Orr 3rd and McKinley Baker 4th 

Class 4 – Chris Western 1st, Steven Kildey 3rd and Damian Saunders 4th 

Class 5 – Stuart Chapman 2nd 

Class 7 – Luke Patterson 1st 

Class 8 – Ross Challacombe 2nd 

Class 10 – Jason Keane 2nd 


Overall an excellent result for Mickey Thompson and not a single damaged tyre for the weekend.

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