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"The MTZ P3s have Had no issue, touch wood, I'm usually doing the recoveries, not being recovered."

So far I have gotten 14,000kms from my Mtz P3's. Not a puncture or issue.

They've taken me everywhere.


Avon Valley is our winter go to for camping with mud and hill climbs. Summer we tend to stick to longer trips and beaches. Recently we drove Perth>Kalgoorlie>Esperance>Baladonia Track>Cocklebiddy> Twilight Cove>Point Culver>Isralite Bay>Esperance>Starvation Bay>Perth.


My tyre of choice is MTZ P3 305/65 R17 with Deegan 38 Rims. I like the sidewall protection and ability to tackle anything a track throws at us. The self cleaning tread in Sand and mud is awesome, best tyre I've had.


Having used 4 or 5 other brands I decided to fit MT to my new Colorado. They have not let me down anywhere, Muddy wet tracks, dry gravel or beach sand. My previous All Terrain tyres had issues not self cleaning and glazing over. The MTZ P3s have no issue, touch wood, I'm usually doing the recoveries and not being recovered... until I get a bit carried away.



- Brent Fowler


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