PowerPly For 4X4 Performance

With Mickey Thompson’s PowerPly technology, the first two plies run in the same direction (traditional radial construction), with the third ply running at an 8° angle, (the PowerPly), that makes all the difference.



Improves Cornering and Steering Response

  • PowerPly technology - as you corner, the tyre snaps back quicker to centre and has greater stability and control. With a ‘faster transient response’, the reaction time from steering input to tyre response is much faster, making it safer and easier to control. This is a huge benefit when driving at lower tyre pressures on gravel or loose surface conditions. 
  • Power to the ground faster - PowerPly plies twist and flex far less during braking, cornering and acceleration. This gives you more power to the ground, greater traction and a faster steering response.


We recently put the ATZP3 to the test against other leading American-made brands to evaluate how the PowerPly product performed against the more traditional radial ply carcass technology. It is clear from the still images below just how much better controlled the Mickey Thompson ATZP3 was compared to the competitor tyres.


Powerply Visual


So how do PowerPly tyres respond faster?

As the testing showed, there are differences in the time it takes for tyres to respond. Mickey Thompson’s PowerPly carcass construction, strengthens the tyre and reduces its tendency to twist. It’s the PowerPly’s third ply that makes all the difference - as less twist means a faster response to your steering. Put simply, PowerPly makes the tyre safer with enhanced handling.


Powerply Demonstration


Powerply technology is available in many of our tyres, including the ATZ P3, MTZ P3 and Claw TTC. Browse our entire range here

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