The Legend Sets A New Land Speed Record; 406.6 MPH (654 KMPH)


Mickey Thompson had already travelled over one half of the speed of sound, but it was still not fast enough to set a world record. The car had to be brought back to the Thompson garage. 


In order to create the needed additional power, superchargers had to be added to each engine, and the body altered to allow for the mind scoops. In five months, Thompson and his loyal crew were ready to go back to Bonneville. 


The situation was tense. The conditions were far from perfect. The salt was unusually rough that year. Yet Thompson was still intent on making the run as quickly as possible, against everyone's advice. For Mickey, it had to be now, or possibly never. 


At about 3pm the wind died down, and Mickey was back again in Challenger I.


210 MPH in low gear,

315 in second,

and in third... who knows. 


At the end of the measured mile, Mickey Thompson and his Challenger I set a new one way land speed record of 406.6 MPH. 


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