Hardcore Accessories To Boost The Performance Of Your 4WD

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There are a number of 4WD modifications and accessories you can add to your 4WD to toughen it up. These modifications will depend greatly upon the level of off-roading you plan on doing, and whether or not you need good on-road handling as well as off-road capability.


Here are the five main areas to work on when starting out that are sure to make your 4WD tougher.



1. Suspension 4×4 lift kit


There are two main purposes for installing lift kits; style and function. When choosing a suspension lift kit for your 4WD it is important to give comfort, reliability, durability, safety and price as much consideration as the inches you plan on adding. 



2. Bigger tyres and wheels


Apart from making your 4WD look tougher upgrading your tyres will also allow for greater clearance. Larger tyres will also help improve ride comfort with taller sidewalls and create a larger footprint which will provide more flotation on softer terrains. For the ultimate aggressive look, check out the MTZ P3 or the Claw TTC



3. Bar work & armour


Bar work and armour will not only make your 4WD look tougher they will also help protect it when off-road. Some items to consider when starting off include; rock sliders, nudge bar, under body protection plate and rear bar.



4. Traction aids


Traction aids will not only give you better traction they will also put less strain on your 4WD. 4WD Action have identified the most accessible and popular traction aids to be tyres, lockers, and suspension, which all work together in providing the best possible traction. If you need more insight, check out this recovery boards comparison by 4x4 Australia. 



5. Snorkel


There are a number of benefits of fitting a snorkel, especially when attempting deep water crossings. A snorkel will suck in cleaner air with less dust when travelling on dirt roads. Other advantages include improved airflow and cooler air reaching the engine of your vehicle.


6. Tyres


Tyres are one of the easiest and most essential upgrades you can make to your 4WD. They are the most visible accessory and the only one with direct contact with the terrain you are driving on. They will not only give you better traction, but also provide improved handling and better puncture resistance. 



7. Winch


Before purchasing a winch for your 4WD it is a good idea to educate yourself on the fundamentals of a winch so that you can make an educated decision and ultimately purchase the correct winch for your needs. Considerations you should look into further before purchasing include: how much winch you need, how often and how hard you plan on using the winch, what is your budget and do you have any weight or dimensional limitations or requirements. By considering these elements before purchasing you will have no doubts that your winch will be able to pull you out when needed. 



8. Roof Racks


Roof racks are a great addition for your 4WD, increasing your storage capacity and allowing you to carry bulky items with ease. Not only are roof racks an economical way to increase your storage capacity they also give you a place to mount spotlights and work lights. When looking at purchasing roof racks, make sure that you think about what you are going to use them for so that you end up with racks suited to your storage needs. 



9. Bull Bar


Bull bars are designed to replace the front bumper and protect your vehicle and passengers from damage in a collision with an animal. There are a number of different designs and construction materials used in today’s 4WD accessory market. They are usually made of welded steel or aluminium tubing, but more recently have been made from moulded polycarbonate and polyethylene materials. Like any 4WD accessory make sure that you do your research before purchasing so that you end up with a bull bar suited to your 4WDing needs and requirements. For more information, check out this bullbar buyers guide by 4x4 Australia. 



10. Light Bar


Every 4WDer is looking for a way to brighten up the track when out exploring in their 4WD at night. Light bars are a great way to do this and are changing the way 4WDers are approaching night driving, due to their ability to emit copious amounts of bright, intense lighting. It is important to do your research and identify your requirements before purchasing to ensure you select the most appropriate size and style for your 4WDing needs.  



11. Rock Sliders


Rock sliders are a great way to help protect your 4WD. They have a number of benefits including: guarding the body panels from rocks, acting as a skid plate which allows your 4WD to slide over rocks, mounds and logs as well as improving access to your 4WD and roof racks. 



12. Bash Plate


A bash plate can help save you from expensive repairs by providing protection to the under body of your 4WD. Made from strong metal, bash plates will help protect a number of vital parts of your 4WD including: the intercooler, sump, transmission, transfer case and fuel tank. As well as protecting your valuable 4WD and saving you money on expensive repair bills a bash plate will also give you the confidence to get out there and hit the tracks hard, knowing that your 4WD is protected. 



13. Snorkel


A snorkel is a great insurance policy for driving through unavoidable water crossings. A snorkel can also be beneficial as it will provide better airflow by raising the air intake of your 4WD. This will result in cleaner air, less clogging of the filter and ultimately lower servicing costs.  



14. Tow Bar


There are a number of different choices of tow bars on the market including swan neck, 2 bolt flange, 4 bold flange and detachable. Each type of tow bar has its own advantages so make sure you research which tow bar is correct for the application you require so that you don’t have any problems in the future. 



15. UHF Radio


A UHF radio is a great addition to any 4WD. It not only allows you to communicate with your mates when out on the tracks, but also warn other 4WDers of obstacles or dangers. A UHF radio is also great to have in case of an emergency, so that you can contact other 4WDers if you get into any trouble. 


No matter what accessory you are planning on adding to your 4WD make sure that you do your research to ensure the product is suitable for your 4WD and will fill your needs.

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