Gary and his MTZ P3s get a truck out of trouble



Gary Lucas is a true Aussie Off-Road Legend. Below, Gary tells the story of another legendary day... 


I was in my 2011 Nissan Patrol in the North Flinders Ranges in South Australia with my wife Bernadette. My daughter Tash and her partner Darcy were in their Nissan Patrol behind us. There had been flooding in the area and we had been driving through mud in the rain.


Just five days before, I had a new set of Mickey Thompson MTZs fitted to my Patrol. They were super impressive in the slippery conditions. The red clay is so slippery. My daughter’s Patrol was fitted with MTZs as well. As we were driving through flooded tracks, a driver of a semi-trailer stopped to ask us what the track was like we had just been on. We told him the condition of the track and kept going.Then he radioed us back and said he was stuck and asked if we could help.


I hooked on two snap straps and used the might and power of the Patrol and the MTZs to pull him out. We dragged the semi out of the bog about 150m along the track. The driver was video taping from inside the truck and said he couldn’t believe it. It would have been tougher to do without the MTZs. I’ve had BF Goodrich all my life but found the MTZs super impressive - good traction and they cleaned very well.


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