Our Mate, Al Kristensen


"I spent three months in the Kimberley in some of the most remote places on a solo trip, nearly 20,000kms in some of the hardest terrain and not one issue at all."

I have gotten 80,000 kilometres out of my ATZ P3s so far and still have plenty more to go. 


I went with the all terrains to accomodate for a trip across Australia which consisted of 60 percent bitumen and 40 percent off road. The ATZ P3s where fantastic as they are defenantly the most aggressive all-terrain tyre on the market and also are extremely quiet on road and perform better then most mud tires I have had previously.


I was tossing up between MTZ and ATZ but to be honest the ATZ have been fantastic quiet on the road and also very stable in the wet and off-road. Well I tell you what, they have performed better than any previous tyre I have had whether it be on the sand or dirt they are top notch it’s a 10 from me!


- Al Kristensen



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