Muck Around With Mud! 4WD Mud Driving Tips


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Mates of Mickey like to muck around with mud, we get it. But where to go to access that muddy terrain that you are looking for? And once you have found it, how do you navigate through? We've got you and your 4x4 Mud tyres covered. Let’s get dirty!




Short answer, you can take your chunky looking tyres anywhere! They’re natural habit is in prime four wheel driving territory though. So where are the muddiest places to take your new Mickey Thompson mud tyres.



Be careful with this one, the Creb track is a difficult track for anyone to conquer. With any sign of rainfall the track can become treacherous and even impassable with vehicles becoming bogged. If you are planning on tackling this track ensure that you have all the necessary recovery gear, and a winch if attempting in the wet season.



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This track has a combination of mud and orange clay, and consists of huge boulders, massively uneven terrain and giant ruts, making it one tough track. Add some rain to this mix and you have one slippery, exciting, hair-raising track.



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Montezuma Falls, TAS

This track is all things muddy and damp, interspersed by creek crossings, prepare yourself for an inspiring drive through this beautiful location.



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The Watagans, NSW

This national park on the NSW north coast sits between Sydney CBD and Newcastle and is perfect for a weekend adventure away. This location suits all levels of driving experience, as the off-road trails differ. The park is scenic, with heaps of opportunity for rock crawling and mud pits.



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4WD Mud Driving: WHEN should i go?


Mud has long been a favourite amongst our mates. The best time to catch muddy tracks, in our experience, has been from May to September.




Driving in muddy conditions is a skill all of its own. Are you ready to tackle the slippery slopes in your 4x4 mud tyres?


  • Deal with mud pools head on. Ensure that you walk them in order to check the depth. Once it is clear, drive straight through the middle as that is where the most traction is.
  • Fit Mud-Terrain tyres. In our range this includes the Deegan 38 Mud Terrain, the MTZ P3 and the CLAW TTC.
  • Don’t forget to pack recovery gear, tools and insect repellent!
  • Reduce your pressures to increase your tyre’s footprint and deliver more traction.
  • Constantly adjust your revs to find maximum traction. Establish momentum and maintain it by keeping the tyres spinning to clear the mud and allow the tyre to get traction. Use left to right movements on the steering to engage the sidebiters, which will deliver even more traction.
  • Pick a line and choose the high ground where possible.




Our mud tyre range starts with the Deegan 38 Mud Terrain tyre. The new Deegan 38 tyre from Mickey Thompson, designed in cooperation with racing icon Brian Deegan, is the ultimate all-purpose mud terrain tyre with aggressive style and performance.


The MTZP3 has been crafted to be well-mannered on-road, but eats up the off-road with supercharged sidewalls, ultimate traction and revamped cut and chip resistance. All sizes feature Mickey’s unique PowerPly technology, a third ply that runs at an 8° angle, providing additional sidewall protection, improved handling and enhanced steering response.

If you're an extreme four wheel driver who likes to push it to the max when off-road, take a look at the tread and sidewalls on the Claw TTC and you'll fall in love. 


The Claw TTC is the ultimate extreme off-road performance 4x4 mud tyre. The Claw's 23° tread pattern, the ultimate angle for cutting and self-cleaning, partnered with larger directional sidebiters and tough puncture resistant sidewalls, means you get maximum traction and cleaning, giving you the confidence the Claw TTC will pull you through any situation. 

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