Play Rough With Rocks! 4WD Rock Crawling Tips


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On some of our 4WD adventures, we encounter rocks. Big rocks. Sometimes it is exciting to play rough with rocks, other times it can be a trying and challenging experience. We know our Mickeys can take it; so here are some of our favourite tips and 4WD locations for rocky terrain. 



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4WD Tyres for Rock Crawling:

Any tyre can be a rock crawling tyre, as Four Wheeler puts it; you need to ensure that your tyres have a superior compound makeup, sidewall protection and carcass flexibility. They add, “Additives such as silica help the rubber resist the cutting effects of sharp rocks…” We couldn’t agree more.

If you do at least half of your driving on-road, you could drive on our Mickey All-Terrains, that contain high tensile cords and super tensile steel belts to strengthen the carcass. The MAT38 also features chemically coupled silica, which will resist cut and chip.

For the more adventurous off-roader, you might consider the ATZ P3 or the MTZ P3 for a more aggressive pattern and style.



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Rock Crawling Tips:

When driving through rocky terrain, it is imperative that you do so slowly. It goes without saying, rocks can do a lot of damage! (There’s a reason they call it rock crawling!)

Make sure that you know where all of the vital elements of your 4WD sit; the diff centres, fuel tank and other lower hanging vulnerables. This will help you to determine where you place your wheels. Over time, and with practice, you will get better at predicting the best placement of your tyres on rocky terrain.

A huge factor of rock crawling is tyre pressures. We recommend running at 16 – 24 PSI when rock crawling, however this will depend on your tyres, vehicle type and many other factors. Seek a professional opinion if you are unsure.



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