Our Mate, Troy Honey


"Grippy as all hell and quiet as mice"

My Mickey Thompson tyres have been from Perth to Broome, back to pick my boat up, back to Broome. 500ks of bush tracks, corrugations and sand dunes up the dampier peninsula, across to Kununurra with the boat and many more km's of rocky tracks and water crossings.


They've done 20000kms and are still like brand new.


I chose the ATZ P3 for the all round performance and strong sidewalls.


The ATZ P3 performace is Grippy as all hell and quiet as mice. Sand, rocks, mud, wet and dry road - like driving on sikaflex. I simply cannot say a thing wrong about the MT ATZ-P3's so far. After having many of the poplular brands before, I certainly learnt a lesson in what a 4WD tyre should perform like after putting the MT ATZ-P3's through there paces in the harsh Kimberley.



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