Conquer The Track! 4WD Track Blazing Tips


Image Courtesy of: Elliott Mann @4WD_Addiction


Very little beats a good 4WD track. Soon it will be time to round up our mates and decide what trails to blaze next. A fan favourite in our camp right now is High Country Victoria. With 4WD tracks galore, Hiking tracks and Campsites galore, we are excited to be hitting these tracks again in 2018.


Our Top High Country Victoria Tracks

The Victorian High Country is legendary for its 4WD tracks, camping sites and hiking trails, and a favourite among our 4x4 enthusiasts. It’s been a while since we were there, so this year our plan is to tackle it again.


Billy Goat Bluff

Billy Goat Bluff is a 125 kilometre 4wd track in the Victorian High Country that we can’t wait to conquer. According to HEMA Maps, you’ll need a day for this one. Be warned, tracks can close due to changing weather conditions, so it is always best to call the Mount Buller and Mount Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board on (03) 5777 6077 for more information. This track is one of the steepest tracks in the Victorian High Country, so we’ll need to be well prepared for this one!


Blue Rag Range Track

The drive along Blue Rag Range is iconic, known for its breathtaking scenery of the Alpine National Park. Being very remote, drivers will need to come prepared for anything, as snow can fall at any time throughout the year. Tracks are generally closed from June to November due to wintery conditions, be sure to check the track’s availability before you embark on this one! For more about the Blue Rag Range Track, see here.


Ingeegoodbee Track

This track was made for 4WDs. A sign at the start states ‘no trailers’, so if you’re attempting to conquer this one your 4WD will need to be prepped and ready (see for more information). Originally, the track was an aboriginal pathway. As European colonisation increased, this pathway became the major stock route for the movement of cattle. For more on this amazing track in the Victorian High Country, see here.


Our 4WD Tips for conquering your next track:


  • Adjust your tyre pressures. Gravel and dirt outback roads around 28-30 psi and 20-25 psi for dune and sand, depending on vehicle load.
    • Drive to the conditions and speed limits.
    • Keep your wheels on hard surfaces where possible to keep your 4WD well controlled.
    • Keep out of another vehicle’s dust cloud – maintain your vision on the road ahead.
    • Slow down for cattle grids – they can have sharp edges
    • When navigating up and over dunes, always go straight up and down with no sideways trajectory.
    • Decelerate when you reach the crest of dunes. 
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