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Our Mate, Kiri Ski

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"we needed the biggest toughest tyres we could find"

Kiri : Mickey Thompson have always been the biggest name in 4WD tyres in my mind, once you find something you like you stick to it. We are going out west, across the desert, up through the Kimberly and Alice Springs, so we needed the biggest toughest tyres we could find.


Leigh : I just love my Mickey Thompson ’s they have been awesome, I’ve had 3 sets now and loved every single one of them. They have never let me down. I’ve had the ATZ one my car previously but went a bit more aggressive for this trip. Last year we went to Tasmania for 10 days in an eight-car convoy, a lot of mud and rain. We loved it. Recently we went back to do the east coast, that was fun. Never had a problem with the tyres. We ruined a from hub, but that is part of the fun. 


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