Our Mate, Erick Sochayseng



Where have you travelled on your Mickeys?

"Kalbarri , Esperance and in between


Bought my first Mickey 5 x 33” MTZ for my 98 Patrol GU sold it and kept the tyres, I got around 30,000km out of it and still got heaps of tread.


Fitted it to my new 2012 Patrol 3.0L CRD, I got around 40,000km on it till I sold it (tyres) and it still got 50% tread on it and even wear.


The secret is balancing and rotating the wheels every service (5,000km).
Now (2months ago) I upgraded to 35” MTZ P3. Loving it."


- Erick Sochayseng, Clarkson


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