Mickey’s Latest Generation All-Terrain Is Here



The new Mickey All-Terrain 38 (MAT 38) is here, and like all Mickey Thompson tyres it is destined for legendary status as it features the latest generation of tyre technology.


The tread design of the MAT 38 features one of Mickey’s famous tyre innovations, Sidebiters. Sidebiters enhance off-road traction and protect the tyre from damage by strengthening the sidewall.


The carcass construction of the tyre features high-tensile and super-tensile steel belts in the light construction sizes ensuring that the tyres are strong, yet quiet on the road. 


The compound formula features unique chemically-coupled silica, which gives the tyre excellent wet traction and cut and chip resistance.


Delivering traction and strength on all terrains, this tyre is an excellent upgrade for 4WD and SUV owners looking to spend their weekends off-road.


More information on the new MAT 38 can be found at www.mickeythompsontires.com.au, alongside an updated logo, as the brand was refreshed earlier this year.


In honour of Mickey Thompson and his legacy, Mickey Thompson Tires refreshed the brand to usher in the next 50 years of innovation. A new logo, dynamic graphics and vibrant colours all pay homage to Mickey and his mantra to “stand on the gas.”


Chris Barbara, President of Mickey Thompson shared some insight into the changes, saying, “…we are not changing what defines our brand. We are solidifying our core beliefs, our commitment to deliver value to our employees, dealers and consumers each and every day. We also affirm our passion to be the best, to win, to stand on the gas.”


For more information, contact us at info@mickeythompsontires.com.au. 


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