Our Mate, Brent Hill


I'm driving on the Mickey All-Terrain 38s, 265/70 17 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser. I was looking for a great all round tyre, the daily drive & beach getaways. I did a lot of research to select the best tyre and the new style Deegan 38 All Terain fitted the build.


The Mickey All-Terrain 38 tyres have just been great, low road noise on the everyday drive, and then on the Beach getaway they work fault less giving a great footprint at low pressure, with great sidewall strength.


I've travelled to Moreton Island QLD & Double Island Point QLD on my Mickeys after they replaced my OEM tyres.


- Brent Hill, Sandstone Point 4511


Brent drives on: 

MAT38 Tyre img

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