The toughest Mickey tyres

I am into my 8th year of running Mickey Thompson tyres for my racing. They are still the best you can get in my opinion. And I tell everyone that.

The fact that you can buy an 'off the shelf tyre', and go out and race it competitively astounds most people. I get asked all the time, ‘are these special race tyres’.

I am like, no, you can go down to your tyre dealer and buy the exact same ones and put them on your 4WD. I have used the MTZ tyres always for my racing, with the odd CLAW thrown in there from time to time in extreme wet, muddy conditions. We run the STZ on our tow vehicles, travelling all over Australia and we get great miles out of them.

Our Trailer is 3.5 tonne fully loaded so we need the best. When we raced the BAJA 1000 in 2014, just over 2000km, our front set of MTZs went the whole distance. We ran 20psi all round. Due to the strong sidewalls we can run low pressures and get no wobble at high speed.


The rears we changed as a precautionary measure. No flats, over the roughest terrain on the planet. Sand, rock, bitumen, gravel, especially when we hit the silt beds, this is where we overtook a lot of cars that were bogged. You name it, BAJA threw it at me that race.


I was a little apprehensive when Mickey Thompson announced they were bringing out a new MTZ. I didn’t think they could improve on them much.

When the new MTZP3 arrived we put them on the buggy, went out for some laps and noticed a huge difference straight away. The extra grip we got when accelerating out of corners, caused the front inside wheel to lift off the ground!! The grip levels are unreal when accelerating and you can leave braking to the last minute as you know the MTZP3s will pull you up in time.


Here is Australia our MTZP3s are the perfect choice as we cover different terrain types, which is perfect is for the MTZP3. This year many of my fellow competitors have moved over from other brands to the new MTZP3s, proving how good they really are.


I tell everyone how good Mickey Thompsons are, because I have put them through more than most people ever will. They are the perfect tyre choice.


Chris Western

Off-Road Rush

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