The Toughest 4WD Tracks in the World

Fairy Meadows – Pakistan


This track is definitely one of the toughest in the world. The road was built by the local people and is steep and the width only just accommodates a 4WD. With no guardrails preventing your 4WD from rolling down into the gorge, it is definitely a track that will have you on the edge of your seat.



Despite the obvious risks of driving this track there are still a multitude of people who take it on. The track goes all the way to the top of the mountain but can only be travelled by 4WD for part of the way, as the last section of track must be walked due to the extremely bad conditions of the road.



This infamous track is extremely bumpy with sharp and blind curves and includes steep, narrow sections. To get a real feel of how dangerous this track really is check out this video.

Black Bear Pass – Telluride

Black Bear

The Black Bear pass is a terrifying 4WD track that starts from the 3,358m summit of Red Mountain Pass to Telluride, Colorado. The track is notorious for its deadly switchbacks and steep cliff faces. The track is not for inexperienced drivers, with the most unnerving part of the track consisting of a mile stretch of steep switchbacks on the Telluride side above Bridal Veil Falls which involves a shelf road of rock with loose sand on a steep downward angle.



Another technical part of the track is at the ‘steps’ which comprise of a series of steep, technical rock steps, which follow down to more extremely tight, narrow switchbacks. Although this track is difficult and requires an experienced driver it is definitely a great track to conquer and offers spectacular views throughout the entire journey.

The Rubicon Trail

 Rubicon Roll Over

Possibly the most well-known 4WD track in the world the Rubicon Trail provides a combination of tracks with varying difficulties, along with great camping spots and stunning views. The trail is located in the Sierra Nevada in Western United States and is a 22 mile long route.
There is a bit of history behind why the Rubicon Trail is one of the deadliest in the world. explains that early settlers named the Rubicon River after its counterpart in Italy - a small river 150 miles north of Rome.

The Rubicon trail is so popular it has become a tourist hot spot with a number of companies now offering tours. If you are a 4WD enthusiast who loves a challenge and loves getting out amongst it, the Rubicon Trail is definitely one to put on your bucket list for the future.


Death Valley National Park

3 Death Valley Off Road 5 15 12

The name of the park says it all, with unprepared tourists dying each year in the National Park. It was given its forbidding name when a group of pioneers got lost in the valley in the Winter of 1849-1850. Death Valley is the largest National Park outside of Alaska and has more miles of roads than any other National Park. There are more than 300 miles of paved roads, 300 miles of improved dirt roads and several hundred miles of unmaintained 4WD tracks which provide ample opportunities for 4WDing exploration.



The park is located primarily in the Southern California Desert, with a small portion extending into Nevada. In order to conquer Death Valley in your 4WD you will need plenty of determination, a well-planned out route and common sense. There are a number of areas to explore by 4WD in Death Valley including; the Echo Pass, South Park Canyon and the Dedeckera Canyon, all making for a challenging and fun 4WD experience.


10 Death Valley Off Road 5 15 12

If you are ever in the US looking for an extreme challenge make sure you add Death Valley to your must do list.

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