The Toughest 4WD Tracks in the Australia

There is no doubt that Australia is home to some awesome 4WD tracks. But if you’re a mad keen 4WDer and want to tackle the toughest of tough tracks make sure you put these tracks on your must-do list.

Ellis Track, VIC

Ellis TrackThis track definitely lives up to the name of being a tough track and has certainly claimed a number of 4WDs over the years. The track consists of huge boulders, massively uneven terrain and giant ruts, making it one tough track. Just to add to the difficulty, this track also has a combination of mud and orange clay. Add some rain to this mix and you have one slippery, exciting, hair raising track.

Creb Track, QLD

Creb TrackThe Creb Track is not for the faint hearted. It is a very steep and very rough track and was originally the service access track for the old powerline to Cooktown. With any sign of rainfall the track can become treacherous and even impassable with vehicles becoming bogged or even stranded. If you are planning on tackling this track ensure that you have all the necessary recovery gear, and a winch if attempting in the wet.

England Track, NSW

England TrackIt’s no secret that Coffs Harbour is home to some serious off-road tracks. The England Track is only a five minute drive out of town and provides 4WDers with a steep, slippery route sure to challenge any driver. No matter what the weather conditions, this track is only suitable for well-equipped 4WDs and in the wet it is sure to get you very familiar with your recovery gear.

Sandy Cape, TAS

Sandy CapeTassie is known for it's stunning scenery and 4WD destinations. But if you’re looking for a more extreme track check out the Sandy Cape Track. The track is on Tassie’s North West coast and will keep you challenged with deep water hazards, treacherous sections of boggy mud and sand and not to mention the steep rocky ridges. Before tackling this one make sure you are a confident off-road driver and that your 4WD is up to the challenge with all the right gear.

Canning Stock Route, WA

Canning Stock RouteThe Canning Stock Route is the ultimate outback test of endurance and skill for 4WD experts. The track Is more than 2,000km long and spans from Halls Creek in the Kimberley to Wiluna in the Goldfields. In order to tackle this track you will need to be an experienced 4WDer with a reliable 4WD. Make sure that you plan your trip and have enough food, water and fuel for the journey.

Binns Track, NT

Binns TrackBinns Track stretches from Mt Dare, on the Northern Territory and South Australia border to Timber Creek, in the Northern Territory. The track offers diverse terrain winding through mountains, deserts and vast plains. This track challenges the hardiest 4WD vehicles and driver’s with sandy slopes, soft riverbeds, jagged rock, bogs, bitumen and bulldust.

Tough tracks require tough tyres. Before heading out to tackle any of these extreme 4WD tracks make sure that your vehicle is equipped with a set of tyres that are up to the task. Get a quote now on our legendary range of tough Mickey Thompson tyres or give our team a call on 1300 MICKEY to find out which tyre is going to be best suited to your vehicle and driving needs.

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