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Off Road Racing is a very challenging and exciting sport that is fast becoming the premier racing style here is Australia, due to its many events and many classes.

You can get started in this sport reasonably inexpensively, depending on the class you choose to compete in.

There are 2 classes that one would consider as entry level, Class 6 – UTV, this class is for UTV’s such as Polaris, Arctic Cat and Can-am brand vehicles and you can be ready to race for as little as $15,000. The next class to consider is the Production 4WD, production 4WD’s with engines not exceeding 6000cc for petrol engines or 7200cc for diesel engines. You will find vehicles advertised ready to race for as little as $13,000.

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Classes usually go up in price from there, to compete with the big boys in the Trophy Trucks or Pro Buggy’s your budget will need to be quite healthy, but you can always work towards that.

You will need a CAMS racing license, race suit and safety gear then you should be ready to go and experience all the fun that so many others are having.

To get more information on classes and how to get started take a look at here. 

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