Not Your Everyday 4WD Tyre

22Nd June Sales 


Mickey Thompson has been developing tyres for many years and it all stems from a rich history in motorsports.


To have a tyre that will operate in everyday conditions, give great performance and value for money is not just creating a design on a computer and putting it to market.

Mickey Thompson started in tyres with the main aim being developing a tyre that would withstand the rigors of off-road racing, this has been the back bone of today’s Mickey Thompson range.

From the Baja STZ through to the Claw TTC you will find a pattern to suit your application and performance needs.


As proof of the durability some of Australia’s and the world’s toughest off-road racers choose to run the Mickey Thompson brand. These tyres are not specially built competition tyres, like many other brands that have different carcass constructions, patterns and compounds from their everyday tyre being offered to the public, but off the shelf tyres that also get fitted day in and day out in tyre shops around the world.


The Mickey Thompson MTZP3 has been proven in races such as the Finke Desert race and also the famous BAJA 1000. Racers also use the STZ and ATZP3 with great success. Many racers choose to run these over other brands offering sponsorships due the reliability, performance and value for money that they have experienced.


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