Mates of Mickey: All 4 Adventure

Jase and Simon are a couple of modern-day adventurers sharing their rugged expeditions into some of the most remote corners and wildest frontiers of Australia. The guys head off-road for exciting 4WD action, plus there is plenty of fun with the ATVs. Their boating and fishing escapades don't disappoint with barramundi, trevally, and even the odd shark or crocodile on the end of the line. The guys push themselves to the extreme, using specially developed expedition vehicles and for the past year the guys have been relying on their Mickey Thompson tyres to push further and harder than they ever have before. 


Jase says “tyre choice is very important when you travel into the places that we do. Cape York has some diverse terrain from sticky black soil to sharp rocky country and endless sandy beaches. We relied on the Mickey Thompson’s to get through our trip. The tyre pressures are also just as important; by reducing the air pressures in your tyres it can greatly increase the traction. Even on the dirt roads you can drop the air pressures down 5 to 6 psi depending on the load of the 4×4. When you hit the sand you can drop them down to as low as 18 psi and this will make it easier to drive and stop from getting bogged as much and of course don’t forget the trailers tyres”.


If you’re planning on taking on your own 4WD adventure you can’t beat the legendary performance of Mickey Thompson tyres. Find out more about our range of tyres here or give our team a call on 1300 MICKEY to discuss which pattern is going to be best suited to your vehicle and needs.