Mickey Thompson tyres built with tough skin


Mickey Thompson tyres are the Swiss army knife of off-road technology - there is nothing these tyres can’t do. Packed with more features you can poke a stick at, Mickey’s pioneered deep sidebiters, sipes and the famous 23° directional angle give you more bang for your buck by improving traction, grip and performance every time you drive on and off-road!

Deep Sidebiters – Deep, aggressive sidebiters protect the sidewall and break up heavy terrain for traction.

Sipes – The high silica content in Mickey Thompson tyres enables the tyres to have micro gauge Z shaped sipes to enhance traction on wet and greasy roads with reduced cutting and chipping.

23˚Directional Angle – The Claw TTC features a 23°directional tread pattern, giving maximum traction and self-cleaning.

Flex Groove – The Flex groove allows the tyre to flex, dampening the impact generated by inconsistent terrain.

Scooped Shoulder Lugs – Asymmetric scooped shoulder lugs guide loose soil and mud out of the tread for more traction and self-cleaning ability.

Mud Scoops – Mud scoops in the tread allows for excellent deep mud and loose soil traction.

If you’re looking for a tough tyre to help you conquer the tracks look no further than Mickey Thompson. Click here to view the entire range of legendary off-road tyres or give our team of tyre experts a call on 1300 MICKEY to find out which Mickey is best suited to your needs.

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