It all starts on the inside right?

Mickey Thompson tyres are stronger from the inside - With 4 kinds of carcass construction to crush the competition, (bias, bias-belted, radial, PowerPly), together with stronger sidewalls to take the punishment, you can get in and out of sticky situations with no dramas.


Like a tread pattern, tyre construction is also an important factor to consider when deciding on the right tyres for your driving application. Whether you are racing, touring on holiday, having a play in the bush or hardcore rock crawling, Mickey Thompson Tires have the right type of tyre construction for all your on and off-road needs.



Bias PicThe benefit of Bias Construction is that the body plies run at 70° angles from the bead and each layer runs in the opposite direction. This gives the carcass incredible sidewall strength and resistance to tears. Tyres with Bias Construction are the most flexible when off-road as the tyre conforms over rocks.
Tyres with Bias Construction include: 46” Comp Baja Claw






Bias Belted Cut Out SectionBias-Belted Construction has the same benefits as Bias Construction. The addition of Fibreglass (blue) belts in tread area, gives better handling, tread life and steering responsiveness on-road, so you get more on and off-road stability and speed steering response. The trade-off of this construction is that it is not as responsive on road as a radial construction, and it also gives you less mileage.
Tyres with Bias-Belted Construction include: 54” Comp Claw TTC, Mini Mag, Baja Pro






Radial Cut Out SectionBody plies run at 90° angles from the bead. This gives a comfortable ride and on road stability. Polyester body ply maintains greater consistency through varying temperature ranges. This means better case balance, less vibrations and a lighter weight tyre. Steel (blue) belts in tread area give better handling, tread life and steering responsiveness on-road due to the centrifugal force pushing them against the road. It also reduces tread squirm and increases resistance to tread damage and penetration. The trade off of this construction is that the sidewall is more vulnerable to damage and tearing compared to Bias or Bias-Belted constructions.
Tyres with Radial Construction include: STZ



PowerplyWith PowerPly construction you get the best of both worlds as PowerPly has all the benefits of standard radial construction and bias-belted construction. A third directional ply (the PowerPly) laid on top of the two body plies links the body plies together to form a stronger more powerful case, which strengthens the tyre. This also lessens the twist in the plies resulting in greater traction and faster steering response.

Tyres with Radial PowerPly include: ATZP3, MTZP3, CLAW TTC


If you want to find out more about which construction is best suited to your needs give our team of tyre experts a call on 1300 MICKEY.

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