Mud Accessories – for when the terrain gets too tough



If you love hitting the tracks and chucking some mud in your truck then you will know how quickly and easily you can get into trouble. Below are some key accessories for those mud loving 4WDers out there.


Winch – a winch is a great accessory to have when heading out to play in the mud as it will allow you to get yourself out of sticky situations more quickly and easily.


Windscreen wipers – sounds obvious but it is important to ensure that your windscreen wipers are in good working condition because having a windscreen plastered in mud and no way of clearing it is not fun.


Traction boards – are a great accessory to take along when mud driving. They not only provide you with the extra grip you need when stuck in a sticky situation but they can also be used as a shovel to help dig mud out from around the tyre.


Long handled shovel – even though traction boards can double as a shovel when needed it is always a good idea to have along handled shovel on hand. This makes a hard job easier and will cut recovery time down dramatically.


Gum Boots – are always a great idea when you’re heading out to tackle some mud, might as well keep your feet dry if you can.


If you’re looking for some legendary mud tyres check out the Mickey Thompson Baja Radial MTZ or Baja Radial Claw TTC. For advice on which one is best suited to your needs give our team of tyre specialists a call on 1300 MICKEY.

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