Winch - Steel Cable VS Dynamica Rope

Winch Ropes Vs

Dynamica Rope is made from Dyneema fibres which is one of the strongest fibres in the world. The rope has excellent properties with regard to strength, weight, UV-stability (daylight), safety, abrasion, tension fatigue and bending fatigue.


When comparing Dyneema to steel it is ten times stronger per unit of weight. This means that a Dyneema rope has a slightly higher strength than a steel wire of the same dimension but less than one tenth of the weight. While steel wire can take 6500 loads at 50% of the maximum breaking load, a Dynamica Rope can take 10 million cycles at the same load level making it long lasting and safe.


The choice between steel and Dynamica rope will depend on your 4WDing needs and how often you plan on using the winch. Dynamica rope is good because it does not kink, is light and easy to handle, has no stray fibres and floats on water while steel is cheaper and is great as far as abrasion resistance goes.


Before making a decision make sure that you take into consideration how you will be using the winch, in what environment, as well as how often. It might also be worth talking to a 4WD accessory specialist to get some advice and assistance on selecting a winch for your individual requirements.


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