LED VS HID Spotlights

Led Vs Hid Lighting 1


When comparing LED and HID spotlights it is important to first make sure that you know the differences between the two. LED lighting stands for Light Emitting Diode and is the new benchmark for vehicle lighting. LED lights are a short to medium range light as their beam wave length spectrum and reflector lens size will not carry them over longer distances. This means that you would need more LED lights in order to reach the same lumens output of a similar HID light.


HID lighting stands for High Intensity Discharge. HID light bulbs produce light by creating an electrical arc across two electrodes which results in a greater light output than traditional halogen bulbs. HID lights produce a more natural, daylight-like light compared to halogen lights and they increase peripheral visibility by up to 70% more than the traditional halogen bulbs.


When deciding which light is best for you it really does come down to personal preference and requirements. Your choice of lights is going to be application specific, so figure out how you will be using the lights and what you want to get out of them and purchase based on those requirements. Your local 4WD accessory shop will be able to help if you are still unsure.


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