Driving Tips for River Crossings

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Often to get to some of the best locations in Australia you have to go through a river to get there. When driving through rivers there are a few key things that you should do to ensure that you make it across safely.


  1. WALK IT FIRST – rivers can often be deceiving and there is no way of knowing exactly what lies beneath the water just by looking at the crossing. The best thing to do is get out and check the depth of the water and assess the crossing for any potential hazards like rocks, sticks, holes, etc.
  2. CHECK THE CURRENT – Before attempting to cross a river crossing it is a good idea to determine which way the water is travelling. This will enable you to adjust your driving technique to the current and its speed. A good way to check this is to pick up a stick or something buoyant and throw it up in the air and see where it lands in the water, which direction it floats and how fast it travels downstream.
  3. WATER BRA – If you are going to attempt to cross a river crossing where the water is up to the grill it is a good idea to use a water bra or tarp to help protect your vehicles engine. What a water bra does is create a bow wave that directs the water away from the front of the vehicle and prevents water from entering the engine bay.


Remember that safety is the key when it comes to river crossings. Make sure that you take your time to assess the conditions and crossing before attempting any crossing. It is better to take your time than rush in and find yourself ‘in too deep’.


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