Baja Radial Claw TTC

Extreme Mud Terrain Tyre

10% Road & Sand, 90% Dirt & Mud

Baja Radial Claw TTC

The Baja Radial Claw TTC has all new state-of-the-art construction making it the ultimate extreme off-road performance tyre. The Claw’s 23 degree tread pattern, the ultimate angle for cutting and self-cleaning, partnered with larger directional sidebiters and tough puncture resistant sidewalls, means you get maximum traction and cleaning, giving you the confidence the Claw TTC will pull you through any situation.

All sizes feature PowerPly Carcass Construction

With two radial plies and a third directional ply, gives you a faster steering response.

T6 Compound

This is formulated for radial off-road tyres, tough and durable yet pliable for maximum off-road traction.  Silica is added for a boost in wet traction while helping to maintain good highway wear.

Extra Protective Layer

An extra nylon belt (in most light truck sizes) is laid between the tread and the steel belts to add strength.  It also reduces moisture transfer into the steel belts, a common cause of delamination through cuts and drilling.



Size Approved
Rim Width
Ply UTQG OD mm Load Index Kms
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Passenger Construction
Light Truck Construction
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