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Mickey Thompson Tires Mates Rates (“Program”) is a 12 month membership offer to customers who purchase two or more Mickey Thompson Tires products (“Eligible Products”), purchased after the 5th June, 2019. The Program offers customers access to a range of products and services such as restaurants, leisure activities, cinemas, retailers, accommodation, and much more. Eligible Customers will have access to the Program for 12 months from the date that Mickey Thompson Tires approves their access to the Program.


The Program is sponsored by Exclusive Tyre Distributors in association with Frequent Values by Entertainment™ Publications of Australia Pty Ltd ("Entertainment™ Publications") ACN 065 011 903 of Level 1, 121 Scarborough Street, Southport, QLD, 4215. 3). Exclusive Tyre Distributors Pty Ltd ABN 51 159 029 357 as Authorised Distributor of Mickey Thompson Tires, 385 Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton, QLD, 4007 (ETD).


Members of the Program ("Members" and "You") agree to the Frequent Values™ Terms and Conditions ("T&C") which are published and subject to periodic updates at


The Program will be promoted in store via print and digital Point of Sale marketing assets through partnered retailers; and online via the Mickey Thompson website and social media accounts. Partnered retailers may choose to promote the campaign on their own websites and social media accounts.


Members of the Program agree to Exclusive Tyre Distributors Privacy Policy (which can be found online (/privacy-policy), in addition to the Terms and Conditions for Passport to Adventure set out on this page and the Rules of Use set out on the Frequent Values website (




The Program is limited to selected individuals only. Membership is limited to one account per individual. Employees, officers, directors, agents, and representatives of Mickey Thompson Tires and its parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies are not eligible for membership of the Program. You must be aged 18 years or older and a resident of Australia to be eligible for membership of the program.


To be eligible and considered by Mickey Thompson Tires for membership to the Program, you must have purchased two or more Eligible Products for personal use, after the 1st July, 2018 and provided valid details (“Valid Details”) which are listed below as part of your online registration of your tyres.




Personal details:

1. Email address
2. First and last name
3. Phone number
4. Street Address
5. Suburb
6. Postcode
7. State
8. Gender
9. Age bracket


Purchase information:

1. Image of your tyre invoice
2. Name of retailer
3. Tyre model/pattern
4. Tyre size
5. Quantity of tyres


Vehicle details:

1. Manufacturer
2. Year
3. Model
4. Mileage (in KMs)
5. Registration


The online registration form provides your information to Mickey Thompson Tires as part of your online tyre registration, in addition to forming your application to become a Member Mickeys Mates Rates.


This offer is available to Mickey Thompson Tires customers (selected by Mickey Thompson Tires in its total and complete discretion) who complete an online registration of their Eligible Products while the Program is active (Exclusive Tyre Distributors may choose to end the Program at any time at their total and complete discretion). Mickey Thompson Tires reserves the right to both offer membership/access to the Program to selected Mickey Thompson Tires customers at its own unfettered discretion and also reserves the right to retract such offer at any time.




Members must purchase two or more Eligible Products and activate their membership in the Program. Mickey Thompson Tires may also offer membership of the Program to other customers at its discretion.
Mickey Thompson Tires reserve the right to end the Program in its complete and unfettered discretion.

If you’re eligible and selected by Mickey Thompson Tires to participate in the Program, you will receive emails from Mickey Thompson Tires  regarding the Program.

Members must have submitted all Valid Details as part of their online registration form for their tyres.




To be able to utilise the full 12 months’ membership you must activate the Membership within 7 days of receiving the offer email.
All logins issued under the Program will expire 12 months after the approval of access has been granted.

If you choose not to activate your login until after 7 days of receiving the offer email, then your access to the Program will be limited by the period of your delay to activate - for the avoidance of doubt access will be less than 12 months.

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