Off Road Racers

Mickey Thompson has a huge team of off-road racers who rely on their off the shelf Mickey Thompson tyres to get them through some of the most grueling races across Australia. Check out the legendary Mates of Mickey off-road racing teams below. 

Chris Western


Name: Chris Western

D.O.B: 20/06/1974

Location: Ormeau, QLD

Hobbies and Interests: Hanging with Kait & the kids

Occupation: Owner of Off Road Rush


Vehicle Type and Class: Element Prodigy, Pro Class Buggy

MT weapon of choice: MTZ 35"

Favourite Track/Event: Waikerie

First Event: Blanchetown Juniors Enduro 1988

First Race Vehicle: Black Baja with a 1200CC

Competing Since: 1988

Navi Name: Stuart Bishop

Any Superstitions: None

Future Goal: Keep having fun

Best Finish: Baja 1000 in 2014

Career Highlights: Baja 1000 in 2014

Carl Haby


Name: Carl Haby

D.O.B: 03/06/1971

Location: Mannum, SA

Hobbies and Interests: Racing / GA flying

Occupation: Director at Haby's Bulk Transport


Vehicle Type and Class: Pro Class Buggy

MT weapon of choice: MTZ 35"

Favourite Track/Event: Glenroy / Mannum

First Event: Morgan Short Course 1993

First Race Vehicle: Class 9 Single Seater Buggy

Competing Since: 1993

Navi Name: Rowan Eggers / Brenton Gallasch

Any Superstitions: None

Future Goal: Do better at Finke

Best Finish: ARB Series Winner 2014 / 2nd Australian Off-Road Championship 2015

Career Highlights: Finishing 5th at Finke 2015 (first attempt)

Aaron Haby


Name: Aaron Haby
D.O.B: 24/09/1973
Location: Walker Flat, SA
Hobbies and Interests: Off Road Racing, Growing potatos
Occupation: Potato and Onion Farmer

Vehicle Type and Class: Element Prodigy, Pro Class Buggy
MT weapon of choice: MTZ 35"
Favourite Track/Event: Waikerie
First Event: Morgan Short Course (Early 90's)
First Race Vehicle: Off road buggy called 'Sandblaster'
Competing Since: Since the day I could walk (with my brother Carl)
Navi Name: My wife Liz, Wayne Tabe and Rowan Eggers
Any Superstitions: None - play hard, pray harder!
Future Goal: Keep in front of car #56
Best Finish: 1st at Waikerie Enduro 2013
Career Highlights: 3 times SA State Champ Driver 2011 - 2013



Name: Luke Erceg

D.O.B: 19/05/1983

Location: Adelaide, SA

Hobbies and Interests: Metal fabrication, off-road racing & the beach

Occupation: Freight operator


Vehicle Type and Class: Erceg Motorsport MATRIX Prolite Buggy

MT weapon of choice: MTZ 35"

Favourite Track/Event: Wynarka Enduro / Gundy

First Event: Baroota 1999

First Race Vehicle: Southern Cross Mk4

Competing Since: 1998

Navi Name: Daniel Ziembinski

Any Superstitions: None

Future Goal: Australian Prolite Champion first then Australian Championship

Best Finish: 1st in Class, 4th outright at the Sunraysia 600 in 2015

Career Highlights: 1st in Prolite 2014 ARB Off Road Series in a self-built buggy

Matthew Owen


Name: Matthew Owen

D.O.B: 20/01/1975

Location: Warrnambool, VIC

Hobbies and Interests: Kids, Racing and Golf

Occupation: Owner of a Hire Company


Vehicle Type and Class: Alumi Craft Australian with a 6L Chev, Pro Class

MT weapon of choice: MTZ 35x12.50R15

Favourite Track/Event: Gundy

First Event: Pines Enduro 1991

First Race Vehicle: Funco

Competing Since: 1991

Navi Name: Adam O'Connor

Any Superstitions: No green rags in the car

Future Goal: Go racing and have fun

Best Finish: Only buggy to finish Australian Safari. Alice Springs to Darwin 2000

Career Highlights: 4 x Australian Offroad class Champion 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2012



Name: Tyrone Power

D.O.B: 18/07/1989

Location: Caboolture, QLD

Hobbies and Interests: 4WDing, Camping, Cars

Occupation: Salesperson ARB Caboolture


Vehicle Type and Class: 1992 Mitsubishi Pajero SWB, Class 7 (Production 4WD)

MT weapon of choice: MTZ 31x10.5R15

Favourite Track/Event: Goondiwindi 400

First Event: Hervey Bay Short Course

First Race Vehicle: The very same 1992 Pajero

Competing Since: 2011

Navi Name: Chris Power

Any Superstitions: None

Future Goal: Would love to go faster and move up a class to Class 8

Best Finish: 1st in class for Superior Engineering Short Course

Career Highlights: Finishing in Top 3 Superior Engineering Short Course Series 2014 & 2015

Owen Ward


Name: Owen Ward

D.O.B: 02/12/1981

Location: Somerville, VIC

Hobbies and Interests: Outdoors, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Off-road racing

Occupation: Self Employed


Vehicle Type and Class: Nissan Navara D40, Class 8 (Extreme 4WD)

MT weapon of choice: MTZ 35x12.50R17

Favourite Track/Event: Gundy

First Event: Sea Lake 2011

First Race Vehicle: Nissan Patrol

Competing Since: 2011

Navi Name: Nathan Alison

Any Superstitions: Never race on an empty stomach

Future Goal: I would love to take the ARB Off Road Racing Series Class 8 #1 plate again

Best Finish: First place Class 8 in the ARB Off Road Racing Series

Career Highlights: Getting #1 plate for Class 8 in the ARB Off Road Racing Series



Name: Ivan Robertson

D.O.B: 29/01/1965

Location: Mildura, VIC

Hobbies and Interests: Off-road racing

Occupation: Self Employed


Vehicle Type and Class: Micklefab Trophy Truck (Extreme 2WD)

MT weapon of choice: MTZ 37x12.5R17

Favourite Track/Event: All of them

First Event: Koolong Sunraysia Motor Sport Club

First Race Vehicle: EJ Holden Ute

Competing Since: 1980

Navi Name: 

Any Superstitions: None

Future Goal: Have fun and enjoy the sport

Best Finish: 2014 ARB Off Road Racing Series 2nd place in class

Career Highlights: Mark Dutton navigating

Nine Mile


Name: Chris Wilson

D.O.B: 04/02/1970

Location: Broken Hill, NSW

Hobbies and Interests: Off-road racing

Occupation: Underground Fitter, Vehicle Specialist United Nations


Vehicle Type and Class: Jimco 2000 / Pro Buggy

MT weapon of choice: MTZ 35x12.50

Favourite Track/Event: Wakerie

First Event: Paringa 1985

First Race Vehicle: Baja

Competing Since: 1985

Navi Name: Blake Clare

Any Superstitions: None

Future Goal: Get on the podium

Best Finish: 7th in class 12th outright Wakerie

Career Highlights: Setting the fastest lap at the Paringa ARB 400 in 2014

Kevy Nott


Name: Kevy Nott

D.O.B: 30/01/1978

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Hobbies and Interests: Racing, Fishing and camping

Occupation: Electrician and owner KJN Electrical


Vehicle Type and Class: Razorback Pro Buggy, 3.5L VQ35 Twin Turbo

MT weapon of choice: MTZ 35"

Favourite Track/Event: Pines

First Event: Goondiwindi 500, 2008

First Race Vehicle: GQ Nissan Patrol Ute

Competing Since: 2002

Navi Name: Richie Clune

Any Superstitions: None

Future Goal: Beat Chris Western

Best Finish: 1st

Career Highlights: Finishing 4th outright in the New Zealand Kiwi Challenge



Name: Murray Collins

D.O.B: 07/12/1971

Location: Tarago, NSW

Hobbies and Interests: Bikes and cars, cars and bikes

Occupation: Project Manager


Vehicle Type and Class: 1995 Jeep XJ Cherokee, Class 5 Performance 2WD

MT weapon of choice: MTZ 31x10.50

Favourite Track/Event: Milbrodale Mountain Classic, NSW Round

First Event: Finke, 2007

First Race Vehicle: The current XJ Jeep

Competing Since: 2007

Navi Name: Julie Collins (wife)

Any Superstitions: None

Future Goal: NSW outright champtionship

Best Finish: Club outright championship Crookwell 2010

Career Highlights: Finished Finke 2009, Crookwell outright champion, 3 time NSW class 5 champion



Name: Peter Stevenson

D.O.B: 08/04/1965

Location: Portland, Victoria

Hobbies and Interests: Off Road Racing, Following sons around to sport (Football, Basketball), Travelling

Occupation: Stevedore


Vehicle Type and Class: Buggy - Super 1650 Hunter Rivmaster

MT weapon of choice: Baja Pro (front) Baja STZ LT 245/75R16 (rear)

Favourite Track/Event: Portland Sand Enduro/ Pines Enduro

First Event: Portland Sand Enduro 1990

First Race Vehicle: Verco Hunter

Competing Since: 1990

Navi Name: Jake Stevenson & Brock Stevenson

Any Superstitions: Don't eat before a race

Future Goal: Be able to afford to run the National Off Road series

Best Finish: Outright winner Portland Sand Enduro 1997, Pines Enduro 2006 6th Outright 1st in class, Portland King of The Dunes – 1st in Class in 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2015

Career Highlights: Sons starting to Navigate with me

Dan Osinski


Name: Dan Osinski

D.O.B: 05/10/1964

Location: Mount Isa, QLD

Hobbies and Interests: Hunting, taking my kids camping

Occupation: Metal Fabrication Business Owner


Vehicle Type and Class: Ford Ranger, Class 5 Performance 2WD

MT weapon of choice: MTZ 35x12.50

Favourite Track/Event: Lockyer 300

First Event: Charters Towers

First Race Vehicle: Ford Ranger

Competing Since: 2011

Navi Name: Joe Butterworth

Any Superstitions: I always worry about not finishing the next race

Future Goal: Class Championship 501

Best Finish: 1st in class Finke and 1st in class Lockyer

Career Highlights: Finishing 5 Finke Desert Races in a row and getting a class podium position in each one



Name: Jeff Van Der Korput

D.O.B: 19/12/85

Location: Southern Highlands,VIC

Hobbies and Interests: Anything and everything offroad

Occupation: A/C Field Technician


Vehicle Type and Class: Jeep Wrangler Ultra (Class 8)

MT weapon of choice: MTZ 35" & 40" Claw TTC

Favourite Track/Event: Offroad Warialda 200

First Event: Tuff Truck Challenge

First Race Vehicle: Nissan Patrol MQ series Tuff Truck

Navi Name: David Pritchard

Any Superstitions: Every car goes green because everyone else thinks it’s unlucky!

Future Goal: Compete in every type of event I can enter with our one of a kind all rounder Jeep

Best Finish: 1st in class, 3rd outright

Career Highlights: Too many moments to list, had a few big crashes though

Nicol Racing Web Image


Name: Nicol Offroad

D.O.B: 30/7/85

Location: Warrnambool

Hobbies and Interests: Dune buggies, 4x4s, engineering

Occupation: Fitter and turner / fabricator


Vehicle Type and Class: Niflex Trophy Truck extreme 2WD

MT weapon of choice: MTZ LT315/70R17

Favourite Track/Event: King of the dunes

First Event: Pines 

First Race Vehicle: Nissan Patrol

Competing Since: 

Navi Name: Kate Morse

Any Superstitions: None

Future Goal: 

Best Finish:  

Career Highlights: 

Glen Towers Website Size (1)


Name: Glen Towers

D.O.B: 16/04/1980

Location: Bob's Farm, Newcastle

Hobbies and Interests: Motorsport, Fishing 

Occupation: Mechanic 


Vehicle Type and Class: Brenthel Industries Pro Buggy

MT weapon of choice: 37 x 12.5 x 17 MTZ P3

Favourite Track/Event: Finke Desert Race

First Event: Milbrodale Mountain Classic 

First Race Vehicle: Home built dune buggy 

Competing Since: 1998

Navi Name: Josh Harris & Matt Ross

Any Superstitions: None

Future Goal: Win the NSWORC, Race the Baja 500

Best Finish: 1st Outright, Colo Park Challenge, Road 1 - 2016 NSWORC 

Career Highlights: Racing the Blue Water Desert Challenge, Parker AZ USA

Img 0381 Website Size


Name: Andy Ryan

D.O.B: 24/07/1978

Location: Griffith

Hobbies and Interests: Off Road racing, Go Kart Racing, Water Skiing

Occupation: Farmer


Vehicle Type and Class: Alumni Craft Pro Buggy

MT weapon of choice: MTZ P3"

Favourite Track/Event: Griffith

First Event: Griffith

First Race Vehicle: Funco buggy

Competing Since: 1999

Navi Name: David Smith

Any Superstitions: None

Future Goal: Win ARB Off Road Series 

Best Finish: Australian class 2 Champ 2004

Career Highlights: 2004. Was leading arb series last year until we blew an engine

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Name: Michael Denham

D.O.B: 30/12/1971

Location: Penrith

Hobbies and Interests: Anything that goes quick and has wheels

Occupation: Manager

Vehicle Type and Class: Pro Class Buggy

MT weapon of choice: MTZ P3"

Favourite Track/Event: Gundi 400

First Event: Gundi 400

First Race Vehicle: Evo Pajero

Competing Since: 1991 as Navigator and 2009 as Driver

Navi Name: Ross Arico

Any Superstitions: No

Future Goal: 1st in Condo 750

Best Finish: 2nd at Condo 750, 2013, 2014, 2015

Career Highlights: 3rd in Australian Safari 2007 with my father (Terry Denham)

Carabott Racing Web


Name: Tony Carabott
D.O.B: 13/02/1966
Location: Seabrook, Melbourne, VIC
Hobbies and Interests: Cars, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Outdoors, Off-Road Racing
Occupation: Electronics Technician

Vehicle Type and Class:
Penhall Aussie Diablo - Pro Class
MT weapon of choice: MTZ 35x12.50R15
Favourite Track/Event: Pines Enduro / Griffith
First Event: Avalon Short Course
First Race Vehicle: Verco Hustler
Competing Since: 1995
Navi Name: James Carabott
Any Superstitions: None
Future Goal: Win the ARB Off Road Racing Series
Best Finish: Second in Class
Career Highlights: 2012 Victorian off Road Racing Championship Equal 1st Pro Navigator

MBR21 Web


Name: Mark Burrows
D.O.B: 30/08/1960
Location: Burrumbeet, VIC
Hobbies and Interests: Off-Road Racing
Occupation: Transport Owner/Operator

Vehicle Type and Class:
 2012 Jimco Pro Buggy
MT weapon of choice: MTZP3
Favourite Track/Event: Tatts Finke Desert Race
First Event: 1976 Hattah Desert Race
First Race Vehicle: Homemade 1200cc Buggy
Competing Since: 1976
Navi Name: Colin Hodge & Sean Ratcliffe
Any Superstitions: None
Future Goal: Watch my kids race
Best Finish: 1st outright 1999 Finke Desert Race
Career Highlights: 1st car to beat bikes at Finke, 7 time Australian offroad champion

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Duff Racing

Name: Troy Duff
D.O.B: 03/06/1994
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Hobbies and Interests: Bubby's, buggy's, buggy's and then more buggy's
Occupation: Concrete Cutter

Vehicle Type and Class:
 Jimco 2000 Pro Lite
MT weapon of choice: MTZP3
Favourite Track/Event: Goondiwindi
First Event: Gympie Short Course
First Race Vehicle: Class 2 Hornet
Competing Since: 2009
Navi Name: Daniel Mansfield
Any Superstitions: None
Future Goal: Pro Lite ARB Championship
Best Finish: 1st outright at Gympie
Career Highlights: 1st outright 2014 Short Course Series


Booth Racing

Name: Kris Booth
D.O.B: 14/02/72
Location: Gold Coast
Hobbies and Interests: Off-Road Racing, Water Skiing and Family
Occupation: Builder

Vehicle Type and Class:
GET Performance TT Extreme 2WD
MT weapon of choice: 37x12.5" MTZ
Favourite Track/Event: Waikerie SA and Finke NT
First Event: Gundi 2012
First Race Vehicle: Pro Lite Southern Cross MKIV
Competing Since: 2012
Navi Name: Kevy Nott
Any Superstitions: None
Future Goal: To win the 2017 Vegas to Reno
Best Finish: 6th
Career Highlights: Baja 2014 and 2015

IMG 2304 2

Vann's Off The Road Racing

Name: Amy Vann
D.O.B: 04/01/1999
Location: Sunshine Coast
Hobbies and Interests: Racing
Occupation: Student (Year 12)

Vehicle Type and Class:
 Hornet Buggy Class 2
MT weapon of choice: ATZP3 (rear) and Baja Pro (front)
Favourite Track/Event: Goondiwindi 400
First Event: Federal Short Course 2014
First Race Vehicle: Hornet Buggy
Competing Since: 2014
Navi Name: Paul Vann
Any Superstitions: None
Future Goal: Queensland Champ in Class 2
Best Finish: 1st female at Goondiwindi 400
Career Highlights: Winning  my lightbar and finishing Gundy