Off Road Racers

Mickey Thompson has a huge team of off-road racers who rely on their off the shelf Mickey Thompson tyres to get them through some of the most grueling races across Australia. Check out the legendary Mates of Mickey off-road racing teams below. 

Morgan Racing Team 3 New


Driver:  John Morgan

Navigator: David Morgan
Current Vehicle: Jimco Aussie Special
Class: Unlimited

Tyre Pattern: Mickey Thompson Tyres;  Baja MTZ P3

Tyre Size: 35X12.5X15

What do you love about your Mickey Tyres: Reliable.

Biggest Achievement to Date: 1st king off the desert Kalgoorlie 2018.

Pre-Race Traditions: None.

Favourite Event: Kalgoorlie, amazing track, has a bit of everything.

What makes your team unique: We are Kiwis!

Facebook: @morganracingteam

Outlaws4x4 2 New


Driver:  Ashley Ryan

Navigator: Tom Inham
Current Vehicle: Trophy Truck
Class: Class 4

Tyre Pattern: Mickey Thompson Tyres;  Baja MTZ P3

Tyre Size: 37x12.5x17

What do you love about your Mickey Tyres: I really love the large square edge lug pattern on the Baja MTZ and the extra side lugs for that extra protection from those pesky sticks and tree stumps when we go a little off track!

Biggest Achievement to Date: To date every race vehicle we have raced we have built. Many hours of dedication and fabrication and always learning. In our former 875 Race truck our best result was 3rd in class and 2nd place in the club championship. We hope the new class 4 Trophy truck will have what it takes to mix it with the big boys & girls in the outright positions :)

Pre-Race Traditions: Not really, usually spend the week prior checking every nut and bolt on the truck, give it a service with new oil and filters and make sure our Mickey's have the right tyre pressures.

Favourite Event: Perenjori 400 because of it wide open style race track over natural terrain!

What makes your team unique: We race what we build and we fly the flag for the little guy who dreams of having a trophy truck and has enough desire to learn and sacrifice to make those dreams a reality. 




JK 1 New


Driver: Jason Lavis

Navigator: Jason Lavis
Current Vehicle: 2006 Toyota Hilux
Class:  7

Tyre Pattern: Mickey Thompson Tyres; MTZ P3

Tyre Size: 265/75/16

What do you love about your Mickey Tyres: They are extremely tough and take an absolute beating over all types of terrain and perform faultlessly with excellent tread life.

Biggest Achievement to Date: Finishing 8th outright at the Burdekin 300 in a class 7.

Pre-Race Traditions: none.

Favourite Event: Stackpoole because it’s fast flowing and suits the car.

What makes your team unique: We are the only Hilux running in class 7.




Driver:  Bernie Clohesy

Navigator:  Stuart Amos
Current Vehicle:  Chev powered 2005 Mitsubishi Triton
Class: 5

Tyre Pattern: MTZ P3

Tyre Size: 35” x 12.5” on 17” rims

What do you love about your Mickey Thompson tyres: The Mickeys hook up really well and are a tough and reliable tyre.

Biggest Achievement to Date: Current Australian Class 5 Champion

Pre-Race Traditions: none

Favourite Event:  Sea Lake

What makes your team unique: Been competing for 40 years, 10th year in current vehicle.

Facebook: Bernie Clohesy



Driver:  Tony Carabott

Navigator:  James Carabott
Current Vehicle:  Penhall Aussie Spec Diablo
Class: Pro Class / Unlimited 

Tyre Pattern: MTZ P3

Tyre Size: 35/12.5/15

What do you love about your Mickey Tyres: The reliability and performance 

Biggest Achievement to Date: Equal first Victorian Champion

Pre-Race Traditions: none

Favourite Event: Rainbow Desert Enduro

What makes your team unique: -

Facebook: Carabott Racing



Driver: Troy Schoen

Navigator: Debbie Schoen
Current Vehicle: SS Racetech Hustler
Class: Pro-Buggy

Tyre Pattern: Mickey Thompson Tyres; MTZ P3

Tyre Size: 35x12.50R15

What do you love about your Mickey Tyres: Better grip than other tyres we have used, great cornering grip and very good grip for braking.

Biggest Achievement to Date: 1st Outright Gas Dash 2017

Pre-Race Traditions: Fill the race trailers Jack Daniel’s fridge with Jack stubbies!

Favourite Event: Waikerie

What makes your team unique: Brother and Sister Combination

Facebook: schoenracing

Dutch Courage Racing 2 New


Driver: Darran van der Woude 

Navigator: Daniel Ziembinski
Current Vehicle: 2010 Holden Colorado
Class: 5

Tyre Pattern: Mickey Thompson Tyres;  MTZ P3

Tyre Size: 35" x 17"

What do you love about your Mickey Tyres: We love the fact that we can get these tyres off the shelf, they’re the same tyres you put on your road car and they last forever!

Biggest Achievement to Date: 100%, biggest achievement is holding my wee in the entire way from Finke to Alice 2016 even though I was busting to go 40kms in. Second biggest was taking the class win at Finke 2016 in our first shot. 

Pre-Race Traditions: Ziembinski likes to dress up as a bumble bee and visit flowers at cemeteries in every town before we have the car scrutineer….not sure why, I’ve always been too scared to ask him.

Favourite Event: Waikerie event is awesome.  It has everything, fast straights, big jumps, big sand hills and slow stuff.

What makes your team unique: We are the team that cares about entertainment first and results second. We want to make people laugh, whether its spectators, other competitors, volunteers at races or Jeff Newick by tickling him, he’s like a toddler, so ticklish!


Moneybox Racing 1 New


Driver: Alan Dixon

Navigator: Johnny Irish
Current Vehicle: Custom fab
Class: Prolite

Tyre Pattern: Mickey Thompson Tyres; MTZ P3

Tyre Size: 35x12.5R15

What do you love about your Mickey Tyres: The way they hang on the front to turn.

Biggest Achievement to Date: Aussie prolite champion 2018 Vic out right 2016/18.

Pre-Race Traditions: I always wear red socks.

Favourite Event: Sealake. It’s been the track and race I grew up with.

What makes your team unique: We are a little mad and have and have an Irish Navi.


Wreckless Racing 2 New


Driver: Nathaniel Edwards

Navigator: Luke Mclean
Current Vehicle: Southern Cross mk5
Class: Prolite

Tyre Pattern: Mickey Thompson Tyres; MTZ P3

Tyre Size: 33x12.5R15

What do you love about your Mickey Tyres: The grip in and out of corners, braking distances and durability.

Biggest Achievement to Date: Winning events outright against pro cars.

Pre-Race Traditions: none.

Favourite Event: Three springs, communities are the best you’ll find.

What makes your team unique: We put in the hours and give our best regardless of who we are up against or where other drivers think we should/shouldn’t be.