Customer Testimonials

Mickey Thompson was on off-road racing legend, and the innovations in his tyres are as relevant as ever to our mates down-under. Our mates are different; they’re adventurous, thrill-seeking 4wd enthusiasts. They’re up chasing the sun every day and the crisp air of the great outdoors is what they crave most.


Check out what our mates have to say about Mickey Thompson's tyres. 


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Brent Hill

Tyre of choice: MAT 38

"The Mickey All-Terrain 38 tyres have just been great, low road noise on the everyday drive, and then on the Beach getaway they work fault less giving a great footprint at low pressure, with great sidewall strength." Read more here

- Brent Hill, Sandstone Point 4511

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Brett Wamsley

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

"These tyres have performed extremely well in all situations, considering these are a all terrain I have put these through some extreme situations and have exceeded my expectations and still haven’t showed signs of wear." Read more here

- Brett Wamsley

Responsive Erick

Erick Sochayseng

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

Where have you travelled on your mickeys? "Kalbarri, Esperance and in between” Read more here

- Erick Sochayseng, Clarkson

Responsive Martin

Martin Rushby

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

"I have driven these tyres on the black top in the dry and wet with perfect handling.” Read more here

- Martin Rushby, Tamworth NSW 2340

Responsive Steve M

Steve McLauchlan

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

"These tyres have taken me to the middle of nowhere and back multiple times.” Read more here

Steve Mclauchlan, Thornlie 6108

Responsive Eddie

Eddie Hollett

Tyre of choice: Deegan 38 M/T

"Can't fault them. Done all sort of terrains -- never had a puncture.” Read more here

- Eddie Hollett, Coffin Bay 5607

Josh Testimonial

Josh Morgan

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

"We've just completed over 10 months travelling Australia @theadventuresofjoshandsa on Instagram and Facebook. We're still going.” Read more here

- Josh Morgan, 2777

Aaron James

Aaron James

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

"The Jamesprint Motorsport team won races on sand dunes, rocks, bull dust and clay in 2017 largely due to the Mickey Thompson MTZ." Read more here

- Aaron James, Jamesprint Motorsport

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Terry Colless

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

"We originally chose Mickey Thompson tires after lots of research on the internet and reviews on 4wd forums. We’ve done 92,000kms now. Yes, many times in mud, sand and in the snow our Mickey Thompson tires got us out of trouble." Read more here

- Terry Colless