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Mickey Thompson was on off-road racing legend, and the innovations in his tyres are as relevant as ever to our mates down-under. Our mates are different; they’re adventurous, thrill-seeking 4wd enthusiasts. They’re up chasing the sun every day and the crisp air of the great outdoors is what they crave most.


Check out what our mates have to say about Mickey Thompson's tyres. 


Big Al Kristensen

Al Kristensen

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

"I spent three months in the Kimberley in some of the most remote places on a solo trip, nearly 20,000kms in some of the hardest terrain and not one issue at all." Read more here

- Al Kristensen

Big Elizabeth Bailey

Elizabeth Bailey

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3 

"I will never look at another tyre brand. I have run a few different brands however Mickey T's stand out from the rest both on and off road wet or dry. Im shocked how much life my tyres have left in them considering what I have put them through." Read more here

-Elizabeth Bailey




Ben Rockliff

Ben Rockliff

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3 

"They performed perfectly on the soft sand on the north east off tassie launching and towing my boat and in the dunes at Bellingham. They work great on the farms we visit and eat up the mud with ease. Will buy again." Read more here

- Ben Rockliff




Andrew Hutton

Andrew Hutton

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

"Absolutely love my mickey Ts, we were traveling to point plomer just my partner and I, after about a month of rain, had my tyres at 18 pounds on the muddiest wet track could not believe the traction and grip we got, 14 km of endless bog holes" Read more here

- Andrew Hutton

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Brent Hill

Tyre of choice: MAT 38

"The Mickey All-Terrain 38 tyres have just been great, low road noise on the everyday drive, and then on the Beach getaway they work fault less giving a great footprint at low pressure, with great sidewall strength." Read more here

- Brent Hill, Sandstone Point 4511

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Brett Wamsley

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

"These tyres have performed extremely well in all situations, considering these are a all terrain I have put these through some extreme situations and have exceeded my expectations and still haven’t showed signs of wear." Read more here

- Brett Wamsley

Responsive Erick

Erick Sochayseng

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

Where have you travelled on your mickeys? "Kalbarri, Esperance and in between” Read more here

- Erick Sochayseng, Clarkson

Responsive Martin

Martin Rushby

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

"I have driven these tyres on the black top in the dry and wet with perfect handling.” Read more here

- Martin Rushby, Tamworth NSW 2340

Responsive Steve M

Steve McLauchlan

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

"These tyres have taken me to the middle of nowhere and back multiple times.” Read more here

Steve Mclauchlan, Thornlie 6108

Responsive Eddie

Eddie Hollett

Tyre of choice: Deegan 38 M/T

"Can't fault them. Done all sort of terrains -- never had a puncture.” Read more here

- Eddie Hollett, Coffin Bay 5607

Josh Testimonial

Josh Morgan

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

"We've just completed over 10 months travelling Australia @theadventuresofjoshandsa on Instagram and Facebook. We're still going.” Read more here

- Josh Morgan, 2777

Aaron James

Aaron James

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

"The Jamesprint Motorsport team won races on sand dunes, rocks, bull dust and clay in 2017 largely due to the Mickey Thompson MTZ." Read more here

- Aaron James, Jamesprint Motorsport

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Terry Colless

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

"We originally chose Mickey Thompson tires after lots of research on the internet and reviews on 4wd forums. We’ve done 92,000kms now. Yes, many times in mud, sand and in the snow our Mickey Thompson tires got us out of trouble." Read more here

- Terry Colless


Nathan Randall

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

"I've Travelled to outback NSW, Hervey Bay Qld, Tamworth and the Vic High County. So far i've done just over 30 thousand kms, but going strong." Read more here

- Nathan Randall

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Troy Honey

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

"My Mickey Thompson tyres have been from Perth to Broome, back to pick my boat up, back to Broome. 500ks of bush tracks, corrugations and sand dunes up the dampier peninsula, across to Kununurra with the boat and many more km's of rocky tracks and water crossings.Read more here

- Troy Honey


Hayden Maxwell

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

"I've travelled all over the NT, out back QLD, Gibb River Road, Victorian High Country, Fraiser Island, Glass House Mountains, Watagan Mountains and ever place in between." Read more here

- Hayden Maxwell

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David Catling

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

"On my Mickey's I've travelled mostly around the Vic High Country. I enjoy the challenge some of the tracks have to offer and camp beside the pristine rivers with my family." Read more here

- David Catling

Lochie Mckeever LGE

Lochie Mckeever

Tyre of choice: MTZ

"Me and my partner (and 2 dogs) love hitting up the Otwayd National Park in Victoria on my mickeys. The tires have exceeded my expectations and perform above what I need!


My Mickeys have taken me and my partner to anywhere we want to go. My 2 dogs love jumping in the back and going camping to secluded spots that only the Mickeys will get us." Read more here

- Lochie Mckeever

Matt Pepperell Web Ready 340X186px

Matt Pepperell

Tyres of choice: ATZP3

All around Australia, from Tasmania to the Victorian high country, outback NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory and any place in between I drive on my Mickeys. I've currently got 105,000kms since I fitted new - with tread still left to see more of our great land. I choose ATZ P3 for comfort but the ability to lower pressures and still be a competent tyre on and off road.


From mud, sand, water, bitumen, rock and anything you could possibly throw at them they have been the best tyres I have ever used on my 4x4’s. To fluctuate pressures and never have a puncture driving over various terrains they have been an outstanding all round tyre! Read more here

- Matt Pepperell

Steven Maher Web Image

Steven Maher

Tyres of choice: ATZP3

I choose 285/70/17 MT ATZ P3 an absolute brut of a tyre, awesome tires performing above my expectations. I've done off-road crosses in the Simpson running them at 17psi - all round, fully-loaded, I never once looked like getting stuck. Oodnadatta track at 24 psi all round, no flats and no chipped lugs, they handled the muddy tracks from the western edge of the Simpson to the Kulgera roadhouse with ease. So far I've done 20k on them and they still look like new, 6k has been totally off-road. Brilliant to say the least!!!!! Read More Here.

-Steven Maher


Dennis Taylor Web Image

Dennis Taylor

Tyres of Choice: ATZP3

The ATZ P3s were recommended by a friend and now all my family and friends are using them. We wanted a tyre that was good off-road but also good on-road. I'm currently on approx 40,000kms. I've travelled 5,000km to Birdsville via The Flinders Ranges and home again. I've also done a 9,000km trip to Cape York through the Telegraph track and back home, as well as several weekend trips, mainly to the Vic High Country and NSW Snowys, also lots of highway driving.


I've recently returned from a 9,000km trip from Bega to Cape York with three other vehicles all using ATZ P3s. This trip included both lots of highway and off road driving with not one issue with the tyres. Cannot speak highly enough about them great on road and off. Excellent all round tyre. Read more here

-Dennis Taylor

Ryan Lynch Web Image

Ryan Lynch

Tyres of Choice: All-Terrain38

I'm running Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 All Terrain, I have currently got around 73 000 kays out of this set of Mickeys. I have travelled all over the West Coast of South Australia and up to Uluru and explored much of the high country. Personally I think Mickey Thompson produce the best tyres on the market, I have tried and tested alot of diffrent brands over the years but have always gone back to my Mickeys as the have always performed above and beyond my expectations. Read more here

-Ryan Lynch

Matt Glenane Web Image

Matt Glenane

Tyres of Choice: ATZP3

I chose the Baja ATZ P3 because they are the best all round tyres. So far I've done up to 18,000kms so far, with a full rotation at 10,000 and brand new still. I mostly drive on Beach and dirt tracks and long ks on main roads. The ATZP3s are awesome in any condition and great for even road wear, I highly recommend them. Read more here

-Matt Glenane

Chris Wilkinson Web Image

Chris Wilkinson

Tyres of Choice: ATZP3

I mostly drive on beach and bush, five rocks out west in central Queensland, with dirt roads in between. I run Mickey ATZP3 tyres because I have set my patrol up as a tourer, so I will see a lot of bitumen kms, they have stopped me from body damage and all sorts of clearance in tight places. 

One time they rubbed against a sharp edge in my shed and not a mark! Amazing wear, they also perform really well in the sand for an aggressive tyre, with excellent control off-road. Read more here

-Chris Wilkinson


Oscar Tregaskisjago

Tyres of Choice: MTZP3

 I’ve gotten 70,000ks out of my 33” MTZP3s! I’m from good old Tassie. My Mickeys have taken me from the most remarkable beaches along the West Coast and some crazy mud tracks along the way. Read more here.

-Oscar Tregaskisjago

Todd K

Todd Kempshall

Tyres of Choice: MTZP3

I have travelled all over with my Mickey Thompson MTZP3’s, I have tried all brands, but nothing comes close. They are a rough and aggressive tyre, but they are also great on road. Surprisingly quiet on the road and are comfortable to drive around on for your everyday driving. Read more here.

-Todd Kempshall

Callum Mason

Callum Mason

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

Along with my daily commute, we have done every island around Queensland such as Fraser, Moreton and Bribie. I have also done Glasshouse Mountains in good to worst conditions, Land Cruiser Park as well. This year my MTZP3's will be taking us to the Victorian High Country. The year after will be the beautiful Cape York. I put them to work! I also like the strength of the side walls. Read more here.

-Callum Mason

Lloyd Green

Lloyd Green

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

They have performed great! With great traction in all the various conditions we have encountered. It is comforting to know they are on the car when heading out on a trip. Read More Here

-Lloyd Green

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Leigh Jamieson

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

We have been all over the Victorian High Country and our local tracks around Neerim South and Bunyip. Read More Here

-Leigh Jamieson

Aaon Brown

Aaron Brown

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

I have travelled all up the east coast of Australia from the Victorian High Country tackling the steep rocky terrain all the way up to the Queensland coastal regions hitting the islands on the sand and a lot of very tough unforgiving 4x4 track in betweenRead More Here

-Aaron Brown


Shane Miller

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

I have driven 20,000 kms on my current set and still going strong.

Read More Here

-Shane Miller


Martin Dzioba

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

From Fraser down through some tough tracks in Coffs Harbour and to a few secret spots out west. Read More Here

-Martin Dzioba 

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Kiri Ski

Tyre of choice: MTZ P3

Mickey Thompson have always been the biggest name in 4WD tyres in my mind, once you find something you like you stick to it.  Read More Here

-Kiri Ski

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Darren Thomas

Tyre of choice: ATZ P3

Mikey hasn't let me down and I can honestly say that there is no other brand than I would rather use.  Read More Here

-Darren Thomas

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