All 4 Adventure


"Tyre choice is so important, particularly when you travel into the places that we go. In this series, we covered over 12,000 kms across all sorts of terrain - from the gibber plains and endless sand dunes of the Simpson Desert, the high speed corrugated dirt tracks in central Arnhem Land, the sharp rocky jump-ups on Groote Eylandt, and the treacherous muddy swamps of the Gulf Country.  Every step of the way we were counting on on our Mickeys to get us through and our Mickeys never let us down.  We were using MTZp3 tyres on all our trucks and trailers, and I can tell you, they are one tough tyre. That is absolutely why we're Mates of Mickey."


- Jase, All 4 Adventure


Jase and Simon counted on the innovation in Mickey Thompson tyres to see them through the filming of their ninth season of All 4 Adventure.


Mickey Thompson was a racing legend, an innovator. The All 4 Adventure boys knew they could count on Mickey’s latest tyre innovation to get them through, and so can you.


Thanks to Mickey’s race-winning innovations, you can tame every terrain that Australia has to offer. It’s all in the Tread, Carcass and Compound of every Mickey Thompson tyre.


With enhanced innovations such as Sidebiters, which help dig you out of ruts fast, Chemically-coupled Silica, to give you more traction to the ground, and Powerply, for a strong carcass built to endure the roughest conditions. 


Meet the Team

Jase - Show Host

JaseDriving across Australia six times before his mid-20s gave Jason a passion for the region and a desire to share it with others. His twenty years of experience, his love of Northern Australia and his determined attitude has led Jason to venture further into places where the average tourist would not go. All 4 Adventure is his outlet to film and share the expeditions as he savours every moment of the journey and gives the viewer access to the most hostile and remote destinations.


Simon - Right Hand Man

SimonSimon grew up on the farm and from a young age he crafted the skills and knowledge to serve him in the Australian bush. He has a true passion for the ocean, spending most of his spare time from the farm on the sunshine coast, fishing and diving in the sea. He has been to Cape York many times by 4 wheel drive and motor bike looking to top the last adventure each time. He has now joined the team to take his adventures to the next level.

Season 9 - Teaser