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6 Mates. 5 Vehicles. Victoria's High Country.

We give Mickey Thompson Tires a tough workout in a Legendary Off-Road Adventure with a loose plan to get from Jamieson to Bright with as much off-road driving as possible.

Welcome to the Mickey Thompson Legend

American motor racing legend and innovator Mickey Thompson gave tyre design no limits. His tyre company has been a leader in tyre innovation since 1963 and is now known worldwide as a leader in high performance 4x4 tyres and wheels for the track and offroad.


Winning races in record times motivated Mickey Thompson’s innovations in tyre design. He designed the tyres that made him the fastest man on earth by travelling at 406.6 mph (650.6 kph); set a record time to win the most grueling offroad race of them all the Baja 1000 and go on to set 485 speed and endurance records, more than any man on earth.


Mickey Thompson championed many firsts in tyres. Sidebiters, tread running down the sidewall of a tyre; an offroad 4x4 tyre with a directional tread pattern at 23 degrees; and Kevlar-belted 4x4 tyres are all original Mickey Thompson innovations. Today, Mickey Thompson Tyres continue to be a leader in tyre innovation. The latest? PowerPly, a carcass construction that gives a tyre faster response.


With the world’s largest range of specialty sizes, offroad tread patterns and carcass constructions, you too can experience the legendary performance of Mickey Thompson’s offroad 4x4 tyres….and Be Part of the Legend.

The Latest Tyre Innovations - T.C.C

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Whether you muck around in mud, play rough on rocks, or bash around the bush, Mickey Thompson Tires has a tread design for every application.

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It’s the tyre’s carcass that keeps it all together, the stuff you can’t see inside. It's these unique constructions to ensure you get the additional strength and performance, reducing the chance of tyre damage.

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The right compound makes all the difference and one of the most recent advances in tyre technology is a unique way Mickey Thompson Tires compound their rubber.

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